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Internal Medicine & Ultrasound Referrals

To submit an internal medicine or ultrasound referral request, please complete the form below.

Download Referral Form

Types of Referrals

IMPORTANT: We offer three types of referrals through this form. When filling out the referral form below, please select the appropriate referral type.

  • rDVM-IM Consultation

    Internist-to-rDVM consultation. Internist partners with rDVM to communicate and work directly on case management. Consultation includes review of medical records, PE, and procedure(s); followed by verbal and written consultation with rDVM to discuss diagnostic findings, assessment, and recommendations.

    The rDVM remains the primary doctor to communicate plan and long-term care with the client. Internist continues to follow-up with rDVM on case management on case-to-case basis as deemed appropriate.

  • Client-IM Consultation

    The more traditional consultation approach of transferring primary care of presenting concern(s) including communications +/- long-term follow-up case management to internist. Internist assumes most of the case management and communication.

    If rDVM is interested, internist is happy to collaborate with rDVM, so client and patient can continue follow-up care with primary veterinarian and clinic.

  • Ultrasound

    All ultrasound referrals are coordinated through internal medicine.

Type of Referral

Client Information

Patient Information

Medical Information

Please attach all pertinent medical notes (include any available records from previous clinics), original diagnostic test results (e.g., copies of bloodwork, imaging report), and images, if possible, to facilitate your client and patient’s referral.

New Patients Welcome

Cascade Veterinary Referral Center is accepting new patients! Get in touch with us today for information on how to book a specialty appointment for your pet. 

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